Executive Board

Margaret Glancy

Vice President Elementary:
Maura Coghlan

Vice President Secondary:
Dan Hayden

Treasurer/Member Chair:
Jennifer Wemssen

Meghan O'Connell

Corresponding Secretary:
Dianne Dunn

Administrative Secretary:
Curtis Tripoli


Building Representatives

Harbor Representatives:
Laura Liepa
Charlotte Loake
Maureen Sabella

Manor Representatives:
John Berry
Lisa Gagliano
Ann-Marie Motisi

Middle School Representatives:
Patty Gilroy
Laura Maciag
Susan Steinberg

High School Representatives:
Matt Adler
Keri Degnan
Linda Kanarek
Ed Kent

Trust Fund


How To Use Our Website for Your Claims:
1. Open your preferred web browser. 

2. Type in for the address and press enter. 

3. Click on the link Logon to gain access to the website. 

4. For First Time users, click on ‘HERE’ underneath username and Password to create account. If you already have an account proceed to log in. 

5. Select member from the drop-down menu and click search. 

6. Be sure to complete all fields on the screen. 

7. Keep in mind each person needs to create a user account. Date of birth is what differentiates each member of the family. 

8. Account user name and password can be anything. We recommend you choose something not too complicated to remembered. 

9. After all fields are entered, click on create account. Note: After logging for the first time you need to set your preferences. You can leave these as is and hit continue/save.
10. Click on the links on the left to gain access different parts of the websites.

11. After selecting a link, please follow the directions located on the top of each page.


Chair & Middle School Representative:
Danielle Alveari (516) 592-4230

Treasurer & Middle School Representative:
Mary Lou Christenson (516) 592-4230

Secretary & Harbor School Representative:
Jessica Kouldelka (516) 592-4100

Secretary & High School Representative:
James Scourtos (516) 592-4300

Manor School Representative:
Ann-Marie Motisi (516) 592-4059

Co-Pay Benefit

Member Only
The Variable benefit provides you with a supplemental payment of up to $350.00 per member per calendar year to assist in paying certain out-of-pocket expenses.
You may claim your co-pay benefit at any point during the year at which you reach your benefit maximum. If you choose to wait, your claim MUST be submitted in the first quarter following the year charges were incurred in order to be eligible for coverage.
(Example: Covered expenses incurred from 1/1/16 through 12/31/16 can be claimed between 1/1/17 and 3/31/17).
Please include copies of all bills and/or explanation of benefits denoting your out-of-pocket expense.


MAXIMUM: The Fund will pay the dentist up to $2,000 per year, per subscriber.
Prophylaxis (cleaning) allowed 4 times per year.
As of 1/1/06 an orthodontic benefit is available for children up to their 19th birthday. The regular member claim form may be used. Benefits are paid directly to the member – they cannot be assigned to the dentist. Up to $500 will be paid for orthodontic code 8080 upon initial placement of the orthodontic appliance. Up to $50 will be paid per monthly visit (code 8670) – for up to 24 consecutive months.
** Implants up to a $2500.00 lifetime maximum (payable at $1250.00 per implant codes 6010, 6040 & 6050)

United Teachers of Seaford
c/o Daniel H. Cook Associates, Inc.
253 W. 35th Street
12th Floor
New York, NY 10001-1970
Attn: Will Pardo
(212) 505-5050 / Fax (212) 871-9567


Member Only
This benefit provides for optical expenses and services up to $350.00 per calendar year.

Association of Retired Teachers (A.R.T.S.)

P.O. Box 1752, Seaford, NY 11783

Steve Bongiovi (516) 783-8629
Linda Frank (516) 798-0341

Barbara Richko (516) 826-7887

Please send all newsletter items to:
Aline Daly

Over the years various attempts had been made to form a retirees group in the Seaford School District. The realization of this dream came about in 1998, Betty Carey and Dolores Mele attended many local meetings to investigate retiree groups on Long Island.

As a result of their work a meeting of retirees was called in October 1998. Our first meeting was held at Seaford High School. Thirty retirees attended the meeting and were welcomed by UTS President Tom Flanagan, Union Retirees Representative Wayne Clavin and Principal Pat Gallagher. Beside the attendees, forty-five other retirees sent word that they were interested in forming a group. The group that met that day was most enthusiastic. Volunteers quickly organized and the association was on its way.

Dolores Mele and Neil O'Connell became Co-Presidents and Betty Carey our Secretary. The title A.R.T.S. was Neil O'Connell's idea. It is an acronym for Association of Retired Teachers of Seaford. Aline Daly produces our newsletter, Bobbi Sokol and Cathy Finelli took care of mailings, Dottie Bremer (r.i.p.) volunteered for Sunshine, Skip and Carol Lawrence took care of membership. We were kept up to date on offerings at the TRACT Center by Betty Baylis. Many trips were planned by Tony D'Onofrio, Linda Frank, Terry Fitzmaurice and Genevieve Lee.

Now almost twenty years later, A.R.T.S. has over one hundred twenty members from all over the country. Those who live out of state enjoy receiving the newsletter now produced by Gen Lee and Lynne Keenan.

Each year A.R.T.S. grants a scholarship of $500, to a graduating senior planning to enter the field of teaching, gives a $50 recognition award to 2 Seaford Middle School students, makes a yearly donation to the Seaford Patriot Dinner and a contribution to the Seaford Scholarship Fund in memory of deceased members.

A.R.T.S. meets twice a year for luncheon meetings. It provides an opportunity to catch up with old friends and meet new ones. We have enjoyed each other's company at several New York theatre outings, cruises to wonderful destinations, evenings at the L.I. Ducks games, dinner cruises and trips up the Hudson.

A.R.T.S has provided a means to stay in touch with those who were part of our lives for so many, many years.